Saturday, December 27, 2008

Garrod's 33rd birthday

Garrod had his 33rd birhday 2days before Christmas.I think he had a worst birthday ever.He was sick for 5days(ued his vacations) before his birthday and finally he felt better on his birthday.But We had a ward christmas party to go the day so I drugged him to the party had him watch our crazy kids. I was too busy to help Y.W Girls who were serving 250 people.So I did not even have a chance to talk to him.Poor Garrod he was chasing after Emma whole time during the party.I felt terrible the day.

But our girls made his day.They gave a huge hug and lots of kisses.

Happy Birthday Garrod .We love you.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Our Secret Elves

We got secret elves.This is donkey that we got 8 days ago.Hana was so excited when we found it.But I was like hmm.... What am I suporse to do with donkey....
And next day,our secret elf dropped stuff off for us again.It was a Manger!Now I get it.
These Elves will bring one piece everyday untill Christmas.Wow that is a lot of work bringing stuff everyday.

This is the little message about each piece.

Now It has been 8days.The Elves never skipped a day.Even it was rainy cold night,there was the piece in front of the door.We started wondering who is our secret elves?Have to be our neighbor.
So we were so sure that it is The Ellsworths.But it wasn't.Today,When they knocked our door,we run to outside and tried to figure out who the elves are.Thay are so fast.Ofcourse we couldn't catch them.And I saw Williams and asked them did you see anybody out there?
They saw 2kids and white pick up.But couldn't see who they are.
I guess just enjoy the gift from elves huh?
Whoever our secret elves are ,I just wanted let them know that it has been so fun and kids are enjoyning put all the pieces together.Thank you so much to think about our family.
We are looking foward what is coming tomorrow.

The Last day of School

Yahoo!!!School is out.I think I am the one most excited .I was so sick of getting up so early(If Garrod heard this He's gonna slap me.He goes to work at 6am...),and help wining daughter to get dressed,homework blah blah blah...
Anyway Hana earned this cute jewely box.Cause she got green stamps everyday.(Teacher gives kids stamp everyday.Green=Good,Yellow=some trouble,Red=Very Bad) Not even one day got yellow or red stamp.I am so proud of our daughter and relieved that at least Hana is not trouble maker at school.

And we celebrated at Hana's favorite restraunt Applebees.

She ordered Shrimp pasta.But She didn't eat much.??????
Oh,yah I totaly forgot that they had luch at school.Dahhhh.

Christmas Fun!!!

Wow,it has been super busy I couldn't post any new blog.Finally it started settling down.
This picture probably almost 1week ago.My friend Carly asked me to watch her kids for a couple hours.So I decided to make sugar cookies with them.They were having fun rolling and cutting dough out.Especially Emma and Jack were so excited.
You can't see in this picture but there is Emma's friend Tatum under the table hiding from me eating dough.

Can't wait to see how their cookie turns out.

Here are cookies they made.They thought there are the best cookies ever.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Temple Christmas light

我が教会の神殿に毎年電飾されるクリスマスライト。毎年この時期になると、多くの人が神殿を訪れて、何万個というきれいに飾られたライトを楽しみます。これは3wize men。キリストの誕生を心待ちにしながら大きく光る一つの星をめがけてさまよう様子。 これはほんの一部です。広い敷地内、全ての物にライトがきらきらとかがやいており、それはきれいです。

後ろに3WIZE MENがいます。





Santa came to Hana' s school on Saturday.It was Breakfast with Santa day that Falcon hill elementary school does every year.Hana wanted to go,so here we are.
We had a Cinnamon roll and hot chocolate with loaded sugar! (Whipped cream,marshmallows and sprinkles) Hana was so excited to have B.F with her class mates and the sugar helped her tension.It was MAXI MAM.When girls were taking picture with Santa,Emma was not sure Santa is safe...But thanks to Hana Emma finally sat on his lap.Emma seriously believed that the Santa was so real.I am not sure what there were talking but I am sure Emma asked Santa for what she wants for Christmas.It is PIXEL.I am not sure he will bring the gift...

Christmas season is here!

I bought this kit at michaels ofcourse using 40% off coupon.I thought about getting the train one (It was sooooo cute) at Fry's but I was too cheap to buy it without any discount.So I got reglar one.

We started around 7:30p.m.I thought we can finish it in hour.What I was thinking!!!!!
Took us 2hours to do all that.Hana gave up and went to bed when we were half way done.Emma was just eating the frost off from everywhere and she got boared,so she left me in the kichen.

Ha,this is the 2008 version.I know I suck.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I am so proud of my girls!

Hana received award from school today!!! It says,For embracing the six pillars of character
Trustworthiness,Respect,Responsibility,Fairness,Caring,and Citizenship.
Good job,Hana.Keep up good works!!!!

She has been her diaper off for about 5months.She pees in the potty 100%.But also she poops in her underwear 100% too...We were so sick of cleaning her mess.
Then today,finally she did it.She did it in the potty.Yes.Me and Garrod were so excited.No more washing her mess.Emma seemed little embarrassed but,she was happy as well as we were.Why she was wrapped with towel?Because she was in the bah tub.Ahhh,I wish I could show you Emma's face.It was so funny.She knew if she pooped in the tub,she would be in big trouble,she was like "Oh no,Oh no,mummy,Oh no! I need to go"saying holding her bottom.
I am so proud of you Emma.You are big girl now!

Thanks Giving


Our Randall family got together on thanks giving day.It has been a while... Unfortunately,Jer and Holly and their kids weren't there.

With couisins.

実はこの人また風邪をひいてしまい、咳と熱、嘔吐を3日続け、サンクスギビング当日は一口も食べ物を口にすることができずずっとこの状態でした。。なぜか花は楽しい事がある日は必ず病気になっています。ディズニーランドに行ったときも中耳炎になってしまい、ホテルに医者呼んでそれだけで350ドルとられたとか、クリスマスの朝に風邪から目にばい菌が入り、Ergent Care に連れてったり、社会見学に行けば、干草で気分が悪くなりみんなの前でげろはいたり、なんだか冴えません。
Here is my Hana who is sick again.Poor her she couldn't eat anything the day.

This is Heather.It was the first time spending time with us on the thanks giving day.
We played game together.It was fun.But one of our family member was very gassy the day.
She kept doing it,it was stunk.We were all gaging!!!!! I wonder what Heather thought...