Sunday, December 21, 2008

Our Secret Elves

We got secret elves.This is donkey that we got 8 days ago.Hana was so excited when we found it.But I was like hmm.... What am I suporse to do with donkey....
And next day,our secret elf dropped stuff off for us again.It was a Manger!Now I get it.
These Elves will bring one piece everyday untill Christmas.Wow that is a lot of work bringing stuff everyday.

This is the little message about each piece.

Now It has been 8days.The Elves never skipped a day.Even it was rainy cold night,there was the piece in front of the door.We started wondering who is our secret elves?Have to be our neighbor.
So we were so sure that it is The Ellsworths.But it wasn't.Today,When they knocked our door,we run to outside and tried to figure out who the elves are.Thay are so fast.Ofcourse we couldn't catch them.And I saw Williams and asked them did you see anybody out there?
They saw 2kids and white pick up.But couldn't see who they are.
I guess just enjoy the gift from elves huh?
Whoever our secret elves are ,I just wanted let them know that it has been so fun and kids are enjoyning put all the pieces together.Thank you so much to think about our family.
We are looking foward what is coming tomorrow.


hcrjfrandall said...

How sweet for someone to do that for you guys!