Friday, January 30, 2009

Rception and Goldenhills reuinion!

I never felt old this bad until today.Me and Garrod went to our old bishop's daughter's reception.
Since we have a lots of good memories from Golden Hills ward,I was little overwhelmed when I sew old friend's face.
First the girl who married today in the temple,She was Bishop Mac Laws(He is still bishop to me) and Christine's oldest daughter Aleece.She was only 10 or 11 when we left the ward.She was always tiny cute little girl.And now she became a beautiful girl who looks just like her mother.
And I sew several family from G.H ward.It was so neat to see them again.It is so funny some of them are still staying same house ,but we had never sew each other.What freaked me out was their kids! Oh my gosh,I babysat some of their kids and they were all little primary kids or baby.Now they are all taller than me and one of them was pregnant.(She was in beehive when I was beehive adviser) Seriously I felt so old.
But whole time I was there I was thinking about our girls in the Y.W.
They are goofing around now but soon as graduated They might get married.....
That is so weired....
Anyway it was fun night.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Such a weak person I am....

One of my new resolutions was No JUNK FOOD.I have been so careful not to feed junk food my family since Garrod started his diet. Garrod and Hana has been eating such a healthy food. Even Emma started eating salad... I am the worst.I don't know what is wrong with me...
Other day,I was hiding from kids eating leftover Holiday goodies I made(I froze them.Stupit...) in the morning.
Today,I was so exhausted from last night playing volleyball until 11p.m.Went to bed 1a.m and got up 6:30.No energy to do anything.Till noon I was slowly doing laundry or organizing Emma's room.And We went to Once Upon a Time to trade our unusing toys.Made only 6bucks from pile of toys.That part was sucked.And we got hungry stoped at Mac Donald.Why?????
Once Upon a Time is just cross the street from ANYTHING you can pick.Why I picked the place where you can get worst food.I had a medium French Fries and diet coke.It was so good.
And my friend Carly invited us to ride bike to the park.So we did.Elle kept telling me the riding behind Kyoko is so slow.Sorry Elle,Don't forget My bike is as small as yours!J/K...Anyway thank to Carly I had excise just little bit for today.Fixed chicken salad for dinner.Healthy right?After I finshed own plate, I finished Emma's plate of course and finished whole huge bowl I made for family.This is sick.I thought I got a motivation after watching Biggest Loser.
I really need to lose my weight before I visit my family.I am so sick of people telling me that you are not Japanese size anymore or You can buy maternity clothes.
Tomorrow.Eat better food and show my kids that mom can do it.

Monday, January 5, 2009

New Years Resolutions

Y.W's new theme is Be thy Example and I decided this is my new years resolution .
Not just because I am the one of the Y.W leaders.Because I am mother of Hana and Emma,I am the only one member of the church in my family,I am a representative of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Saints.
When they announced the theme I thought myself,umm.... Am I setting a good example for those girls or my children or my friends? I don't think I was setting bad examples,But not good examples either.
So, I am going to start with simple small example.I hope at least my children will learn something from me.
I am so blessed that I recieved this calling(Y.W Secretary).It has been so much fun getting to know all the girls in y.w and leaders.I am so amazed that our heavely father knows me so well to keep me stay on the track.This calling strength my testimony and helps me to remember to be better person.
Well,If you see me yelling at my kids,Just reminds me about resolution.

Friday, January 2, 2009


新年明けましておめでとうございます。皆さんのクリスマスはいかがでしたか?なんだかクリスマスが終ったかと思ったら年末の準備。アメリカのホリデーはまだまだ続きます。さてランドール家の2008年はどう終ったかと申しますと、今年はホフマン家にニューイヤー パーティーに誘われてカウントダウンを一緒にしてきました。
カウントダウン直前。この日も仕事に行ってきたのですごく疲れてた様子。RED BULLの大きいカンをぐびぐび飲んで何とか起きてたけど、しんどかったんだって。おつかれさん。飲んでないのに一番酔っ払ってる様子のうちのだんな。天然よね。



Christmas Morning


This year's Christmas went by so fast because of my church calling.... I wish I was little more organized person,I thought I am going bald!!! So I didn't do much with kids but hopely kids remembered something what we did this year.
Hana and Emma worked hard staying being good kids UNTIL Christmas.
毎年イブの夜に一つだけプレゼントを開けれることになっていて、中身も必ず新しいパジャマって決まってます。今年は花が大好きなハナ モンタナと、エマがメロメロになっているディズニープリンセス。クリスマス当日ははこれを着てほとんど一日をすごしました。
Christmas Eve.Nothing special.Pajamas from Walmart special.Even Hana knew they will receive pajama on Christmas eve,She was very excited.

花が欲しがってたEASY BAKE。私も子供の頃これと同じような物をもってた記憶があります。
Santa brought presents.She really really wanted this easy bake.I remember I had this kind of stuff when I was little.Long Run toy!But my mom was too cheap she never got me cake mix after I used up the mix came with the oven,So I think I was using play dough or something.It was very sad.
From Santa to Emma.Of course it is Cinderella.This doll had clear slippers and Emma kept loosing them.I had to look for those slippers seriously every 5minutes.It drove me nuts!!!!


Santa put this stuffed animal in the jigen's stocking.
He knows Jigen is missing his pal Pepper.


From their uncle Jeremy & Aunt Holly.They sent a huge package for us.Kids are always excited opening box if it is from New Mexico.It was cooking set.They always know what my girls like.
They loves helping me while I am cooking.This is perfect for them.
Emma loves the measuring spoon the best from this whole gist set.She carried it with her for 2days straight.She fell in love with the spoons....

From grandad& Grandma.Hana received Air brush.She loves drawing and she is very good at it.
I think she took after my sister Naomi.She is a artist!!!
Emma received Tea set with sound.It is very cute.When she pour it,it plays
"I am a little tea pot"


Grandad John and Grandma Mary came to our house Christmas morning and watched kids open their gifts.
We gave Dad some tool set and Turtle chocolate.It was so funny that he did not say much when He opened tool set.But when he opened turtle one,His eyes were wide opened and he was so happy.Very simple person.
And to Mom,I picked very comfy blanket and ped egg! I knew she was always looking for something really works on her heals.Hopely she liked it.


My parents helped us to buy this cool power wheels.
KAWASAKI NINJA.This is so cool.It doesn't take whole a lot room when you store,and it is fun!
Kids have been riding almost everyday.


Kids received so much presents and I don't know How much they appreciate.
But as I am their mother I want to let you all know that we appreciate your love and support .
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas just like we had.
Can't wait till next Christmas.