Friday, January 30, 2009

Rception and Goldenhills reuinion!

I never felt old this bad until today.Me and Garrod went to our old bishop's daughter's reception.
Since we have a lots of good memories from Golden Hills ward,I was little overwhelmed when I sew old friend's face.
First the girl who married today in the temple,She was Bishop Mac Laws(He is still bishop to me) and Christine's oldest daughter Aleece.She was only 10 or 11 when we left the ward.She was always tiny cute little girl.And now she became a beautiful girl who looks just like her mother.
And I sew several family from G.H ward.It was so neat to see them again.It is so funny some of them are still staying same house ,but we had never sew each other.What freaked me out was their kids! Oh my gosh,I babysat some of their kids and they were all little primary kids or baby.Now they are all taller than me and one of them was pregnant.(She was in beehive when I was beehive adviser) Seriously I felt so old.
But whole time I was there I was thinking about our girls in the Y.W.
They are goofing around now but soon as graduated They might get married.....
That is so weired....
Anyway it was fun night.