Thursday, January 8, 2009

Such a weak person I am....

One of my new resolutions was No JUNK FOOD.I have been so careful not to feed junk food my family since Garrod started his diet. Garrod and Hana has been eating such a healthy food. Even Emma started eating salad... I am the worst.I don't know what is wrong with me...
Other day,I was hiding from kids eating leftover Holiday goodies I made(I froze them.Stupit...) in the morning.
Today,I was so exhausted from last night playing volleyball until 11p.m.Went to bed 1a.m and got up 6:30.No energy to do anything.Till noon I was slowly doing laundry or organizing Emma's room.And We went to Once Upon a Time to trade our unusing toys.Made only 6bucks from pile of toys.That part was sucked.And we got hungry stoped at Mac Donald.Why?????
Once Upon a Time is just cross the street from ANYTHING you can pick.Why I picked the place where you can get worst food.I had a medium French Fries and diet coke.It was so good.
And my friend Carly invited us to ride bike to the park.So we did.Elle kept telling me the riding behind Kyoko is so slow.Sorry Elle,Don't forget My bike is as small as yours!J/K...Anyway thank to Carly I had excise just little bit for today.Fixed chicken salad for dinner.Healthy right?After I finshed own plate, I finished Emma's plate of course and finished whole huge bowl I made for family.This is sick.I thought I got a motivation after watching Biggest Loser.
I really need to lose my weight before I visit my family.I am so sick of people telling me that you are not Japanese size anymore or You can buy maternity clothes.
Tomorrow.Eat better food and show my kids that mom can do it.


Anonymous said...

Kyoko, thank you for giving Cassie and I a good laugh this morning. You are not alone. We are the same way! It's so hard! Hang in there. You are a great example to your kids. If it makes you feel better, I hide from the kids and eat junk too!! Next time you feel like eating junk, call me and we can go walking!!!

Kristine said...

"You are not Japanese size anymore"?! Oh you are so funny. Thanks for the good laugh. Good job on the chicken salad. I would have just wasted the whole day and ordered pizza for dinner. SO GOOD JOB! Starting out is sooo hard. Just keep it up and you'll do great.