Thursday, February 26, 2009

Y.W Volleyball tournament

I was so excited when I found out we gonna have volleyball tournament.As you know I take volleyball very seriously.It is my life.And I get to share this joy with girls???? How fun is that!!!
So before tournament starts,we practiced twice at gym and at park.
First practice... It was very sad. There were trying hard,but seems like their feet had been glued on the floor or something.They were afraid of ball.
2nd practice,we invited twin knoll ward and had game with them.It was so fun.I thought they goona kick our girls butt,But actually it was pretty even.Now I got a hope.

Before game starts.Can't wait to play!!!

Cheer.Go View point!

They had game every Saturday for 4weeks.We were worried about nobody gonna show up.
But wow,we had so many girls showed up and turned out huge tournament.
1st day they had clinic by Mehana Enos.She did awesome job.Girls learned how to serve,receiving,rule etc...
2nd week,not tournament yet.Played game against ward.One of y.w told me that she was teased by girl from other ward at school."we are gonna kick your butt!!!View Point" .Now we are on like a donkey Kong!!!! I was very impressed that they were really getting better each time.It not bad at all.They beated other ward a couple times.Way to go girls.
3rd week, my friend said I am a little crazy monkey coach.I know.Whole time I was yelling at girls.I can't help it.Help them to get excited right?
4th week,Actual tournament.But I wasn't able to be there for girls.We were in New Mexico.
Emily texted me how the girls are doing.1ST game they won! Yes!!!!
And after that they kept loosing..... I wish I was there for them and cheer them up!!!!
I hope girls had a good time.I really enjoyed been BOSSY.Hehehe.

Trip to New mexico

Wow, time went by so fast this month.I had so many things was going on last 2weeks.
We just went to visit Garrod's older brother's family who lives New Mexico for 5days.
Here are pictures what we did at there.

I got a Headphone for each girl to listen their favorite movie.The way we don't have to listen barbie song for 7hours.Seriously this kid can watch same movie over and over and over...
It worked pretty good.

Pretty isn't it?


I think I took a pretty good shot.

Since Hana and her cousin are only 6days apart,we decided to throw birthday party together.
We hired Magician!!!He was so funny and kids loved him!We were all trying to figure that out how he did it.Even we had 20kids total he made balloon for each kid and entertained them so well.

My sister in low Holly made cake for Hana.She is so good.

Emma enjoying her favorite pizza.

It was HUGE! 24inch....

Hana and her cousin Shane.

Just girls on Valentines day.
with Oldest cousin Janelle.

With my Niece and nephews.
They had blast!!!! My kids just loves spending time with their cousins.
I wish they live close.

Albuquerque Temple
It wasn't quite big as Mesa temple.But it was very beautiful.

Outside of temple.It was cooooooold.
Thanks to Jer and Holly, we had a great time.Kids had blast,Garrod was so happy to be able to spend time with Jer.And it was so fun to meet Holly's friends. We did Work out together 5a.m(I don't know I can't do that again),fantastic dinner at Japanese restaurant it was so good.
It was hard to watch Hana who was crying cause she was missing her cousins already.
I am so grateful to have them as our family.Even we are not able to see each other like used to be,they still care about us.I appreciate their example.We love you all.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Hana's 7th Birthday

My girl Hana turned 7!!! She has been counting on this day for a long time.
Since her birthday was Sunday,we decided to let her do one special thing she wants to do.
Her request was eating Breakfast in her bed.Um.... That sounds very familiar. Of course,That is Turley's Birthday tradition! Now it is ours too.
So I asked Garrod to get some donuts on Saturday night.I meant just Basha's.He didn't come home for awhile.Because he drove 5miles to get the donuts.Yap.Krispy Kream donuts.
He came home with 2boxes in his arms.I was like ah... there are only 4people in our family.2of them are still 7and 3.Anyway Since we haven't have donuts for long time You have no idea how much Garrod was excited.One of box was assortment.Something Hana likes.And another box was just one kind of donuts.It was obvious that he bought dozen of donuts for himself.
But soon as he opened the his box,he was sooooooooooo MAD.It was wrong kind.He wanted grazed cream filled donuts.But They were chocolate cream filled donuts.As I watching he was totally out of control,I told him to call the store.But he refused it.He doesn't like to complain.
So I picked up the phone and call the store.I started with " Hi, my husband bought donuts from your store and came home with wrong kind of donuts."And I heard nothing.It was silent.I said... Hello.Are you there? The guy said "What???" He didn't understand my English.
I repeated again.As you guess I was already frustrating at this point.He finally got my complain.He said you can bring donuts back and we can exchange it for you.I was mad.I mean he is teenager.I should not expect much. but I was mad.I was yelling at the poor kid.
"Hey! He drove 5miles to get just your stupid donuts.And it was wrong kind.Why don't you drive 5mile to bring our donuts!!! Do your job!!!! "And I hang up the phone....How bad is that!!
I can not believe that I yelled at people.Garrod was laughing at me listing the whole conversation I made with some teenager kid.I need to train myself to not to lose my temper like that.

Anyway I was gonna write about how much we love our daughter and mean so much to us.
She was only 5lbs8oz when she was born.She was always sick when she was baby.I never thought
she will be taller than anybody in her class.
She loves school and keeps good grades always.Loves to be funny like her daddy.Loves sweets like mommy.I am so grateful that Heavenly Father picked me to be your mother.
We love you and We always be there for you.
Happy birthday.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Missonaries were over

It was our turn to feed missionaries.It had been a while since Elder Utagawa left.As you know we fed them at least once a week.It was very busy but it was so much fun I can share the joy of food that I like with somebody else.
This is our traditional meal when we invite missionaries for dinner.It is very simple meal.Just cook meat and veggies on the griddle and dip in the special sauce and eat it.
They love it.They loves to challenge using chopsticks.They loves to try something new.
Actually the day me and Garrod had a little argument.I don't remember why we were fighting,but defiantly,it was not good time to invite somebody else to our house.
But I am so glad they came.They asked us how we met,where did you get married etc...
Those conversation helped us to forget the stupid fight.
Garrod loves to share about his mission with missionaries.And I love to listen the tons of stories about his mission.
I love having missionaries over.Their testimonies are so strong and always reminds me why I decided to be baptized.
I wanted to be like missionaries.
Thank you Elder... oops I forgot their name.Anyway we had a fun night and comeback again.

Are you Happy,mama?

Emma and I were fighting about her poop issue for maybe over 2months.I tried everything I could think of just make her go poop in the toilet.But nothing worked.So finally I took her favorite thing to do away from her.It is T.V.This kid can watch T.V all day long if I don't stop her.
So first day,she was trying to make me happy by doing her trick.She gave me a big kiss told me 'I love you.mommy'
Soon as she realized this trick doesn't work,She started acting like she is so tired,so she can lay down and watch t.v. Nope!Don't work either.
Whole day she was just moaning like drug addict. T.V... T.V... T.V.... So sad...
2nd day she was still trying to figure that out how she can make me to forgive her.
She is so stubborn.All she had to do is poop in the toilet.Simple!But she decided to hold it.
3rd day she couldn't deal with this crap.(Me either) so,she did it.she finally did in the toilet!YES!!!!
And she said "Are you happy now?" with dirty look.
Man,she is such a character.
Now it has been 2weeks and she never had accident.
She still ask me "Are you happy,mama?"
I am very happy.Emma.