Thursday, February 5, 2009

Are you Happy,mama?

Emma and I were fighting about her poop issue for maybe over 2months.I tried everything I could think of just make her go poop in the toilet.But nothing worked.So finally I took her favorite thing to do away from her.It is T.V.This kid can watch T.V all day long if I don't stop her.
So first day,she was trying to make me happy by doing her trick.She gave me a big kiss told me 'I love you.mommy'
Soon as she realized this trick doesn't work,She started acting like she is so tired,so she can lay down and watch t.v. Nope!Don't work either.
Whole day she was just moaning like drug addict. T.V... T.V... T.V.... So sad...
2nd day she was still trying to figure that out how she can make me to forgive her.
She is so stubborn.All she had to do is poop in the toilet.Simple!But she decided to hold it.
3rd day she couldn't deal with this crap.(Me either) so,she did it.she finally did in the toilet!YES!!!!
And she said "Are you happy now?" with dirty look.
Man,she is such a character.
Now it has been 2weeks and she never had accident.
She still ask me "Are you happy,mama?"
I am very happy.Emma.


Kristine said...

that is really cute. And I can just picture her cute little face saying that.