Monday, February 9, 2009

Hana's 7th Birthday

My girl Hana turned 7!!! She has been counting on this day for a long time.
Since her birthday was Sunday,we decided to let her do one special thing she wants to do.
Her request was eating Breakfast in her bed.Um.... That sounds very familiar. Of course,That is Turley's Birthday tradition! Now it is ours too.
So I asked Garrod to get some donuts on Saturday night.I meant just Basha's.He didn't come home for awhile.Because he drove 5miles to get the donuts.Yap.Krispy Kream donuts.
He came home with 2boxes in his arms.I was like ah... there are only 4people in our family.2of them are still 7and 3.Anyway Since we haven't have donuts for long time You have no idea how much Garrod was excited.One of box was assortment.Something Hana likes.And another box was just one kind of donuts.It was obvious that he bought dozen of donuts for himself.
But soon as he opened the his box,he was sooooooooooo MAD.It was wrong kind.He wanted grazed cream filled donuts.But They were chocolate cream filled donuts.As I watching he was totally out of control,I told him to call the store.But he refused it.He doesn't like to complain.
So I picked up the phone and call the store.I started with " Hi, my husband bought donuts from your store and came home with wrong kind of donuts."And I heard nothing.It was silent.I said... Hello.Are you there? The guy said "What???" He didn't understand my English.
I repeated again.As you guess I was already frustrating at this point.He finally got my complain.He said you can bring donuts back and we can exchange it for you.I was mad.I mean he is teenager.I should not expect much. but I was mad.I was yelling at the poor kid.
"Hey! He drove 5miles to get just your stupid donuts.And it was wrong kind.Why don't you drive 5mile to bring our donuts!!! Do your job!!!! "And I hang up the phone....How bad is that!!
I can not believe that I yelled at people.Garrod was laughing at me listing the whole conversation I made with some teenager kid.I need to train myself to not to lose my temper like that.

Anyway I was gonna write about how much we love our daughter and mean so much to us.
She was only 5lbs8oz when she was born.She was always sick when she was baby.I never thought
she will be taller than anybody in her class.
She loves school and keeps good grades always.Loves to be funny like her daddy.Loves sweets like mommy.I am so grateful that Heavenly Father picked me to be your mother.
We love you and We always be there for you.
Happy birthday.


Jana said...

Krispy Kreme is a six donut per person minimum! If you haven't eaten at least six, it is disrespectful to the box of donuts!! I would have been upset too! Krispy Kreme donuts are sacred and should not have to be returned for the right is just wrong! Hope Hana had a great birthday! Donuts in bed...what could be better??