Thursday, February 5, 2009

Missonaries were over

It was our turn to feed missionaries.It had been a while since Elder Utagawa left.As you know we fed them at least once a week.It was very busy but it was so much fun I can share the joy of food that I like with somebody else.
This is our traditional meal when we invite missionaries for dinner.It is very simple meal.Just cook meat and veggies on the griddle and dip in the special sauce and eat it.
They love it.They loves to challenge using chopsticks.They loves to try something new.
Actually the day me and Garrod had a little argument.I don't remember why we were fighting,but defiantly,it was not good time to invite somebody else to our house.
But I am so glad they came.They asked us how we met,where did you get married etc...
Those conversation helped us to forget the stupid fight.
Garrod loves to share about his mission with missionaries.And I love to listen the tons of stories about his mission.
I love having missionaries over.Their testimonies are so strong and always reminds me why I decided to be baptized.
I wanted to be like missionaries.
Thank you Elder... oops I forgot their name.Anyway we had a fun night and comeback again.


Jana said...

Yum! I so need to eat with you! What sauce do you dip the food in??