Thursday, February 26, 2009

Trip to New mexico

Wow, time went by so fast this month.I had so many things was going on last 2weeks.
We just went to visit Garrod's older brother's family who lives New Mexico for 5days.
Here are pictures what we did at there.

I got a Headphone for each girl to listen their favorite movie.The way we don't have to listen barbie song for 7hours.Seriously this kid can watch same movie over and over and over...
It worked pretty good.

Pretty isn't it?


I think I took a pretty good shot.

Since Hana and her cousin are only 6days apart,we decided to throw birthday party together.
We hired Magician!!!He was so funny and kids loved him!We were all trying to figure that out how he did it.Even we had 20kids total he made balloon for each kid and entertained them so well.

My sister in low Holly made cake for Hana.She is so good.

Emma enjoying her favorite pizza.

It was HUGE! 24inch....

Hana and her cousin Shane.

Just girls on Valentines day.
with Oldest cousin Janelle.

With my Niece and nephews.
They had blast!!!! My kids just loves spending time with their cousins.
I wish they live close.

Albuquerque Temple
It wasn't quite big as Mesa temple.But it was very beautiful.

Outside of temple.It was cooooooold.
Thanks to Jer and Holly, we had a great time.Kids had blast,Garrod was so happy to be able to spend time with Jer.And it was so fun to meet Holly's friends. We did Work out together 5a.m(I don't know I can't do that again),fantastic dinner at Japanese restaurant it was so good.
It was hard to watch Hana who was crying cause she was missing her cousins already.
I am so grateful to have them as our family.Even we are not able to see each other like used to be,they still care about us.I appreciate their example.We love you all.


hcrjfrandall said...

WE MISS YOU GUYS! We had so much fun and the kids miss their cousins!