Thursday, February 26, 2009

Y.W Volleyball tournament

I was so excited when I found out we gonna have volleyball tournament.As you know I take volleyball very seriously.It is my life.And I get to share this joy with girls???? How fun is that!!!
So before tournament starts,we practiced twice at gym and at park.
First practice... It was very sad. There were trying hard,but seems like their feet had been glued on the floor or something.They were afraid of ball.
2nd practice,we invited twin knoll ward and had game with them.It was so fun.I thought they goona kick our girls butt,But actually it was pretty even.Now I got a hope.

Before game starts.Can't wait to play!!!

Cheer.Go View point!

They had game every Saturday for 4weeks.We were worried about nobody gonna show up.
But wow,we had so many girls showed up and turned out huge tournament.
1st day they had clinic by Mehana Enos.She did awesome job.Girls learned how to serve,receiving,rule etc...
2nd week,not tournament yet.Played game against ward.One of y.w told me that she was teased by girl from other ward at school."we are gonna kick your butt!!!View Point" .Now we are on like a donkey Kong!!!! I was very impressed that they were really getting better each time.It not bad at all.They beated other ward a couple times.Way to go girls.
3rd week, my friend said I am a little crazy monkey coach.I know.Whole time I was yelling at girls.I can't help it.Help them to get excited right?
4th week,Actual tournament.But I wasn't able to be there for girls.We were in New Mexico.
Emily texted me how the girls are doing.1ST game they won! Yes!!!!
And after that they kept loosing..... I wish I was there for them and cheer them up!!!!
I hope girls had a good time.I really enjoyed been BOSSY.Hehehe.


Kevin & Melissa Williams said...

LOL, it sounds like the Y.W are having so much fun. I didn't know you were so into Volleyball that is good to know because maybe we can go play with all the girls I visit teach -it'd be fun. No?