Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ticket to Japan!!

I got it!Finally I got it.This economy I never thought I would be able to go home this soon.
Thanks to gas price,Air line company dropped sar charge( used to be charged $400 just that).It made huge difference.I was thinking that Frying from Phoenix to Hiroshima would cost around $4000 for 3person.But it was $2600!!!! I am so excited.Leaving here May 31st coming home July 24th.almost 2months spending time with my parents is little nervous but it will be a lot of fun for kids. Hana is going to public school over there which I went to.Hopefully her Japanese would come back while we stay.It is so nice to have 2citizenship.Such a big blessing to be able to learn different language and culture in such a young age.Coolest thing is my kids has 2passports.
They are one of them.
I am not looking forward 30 hrs travel (take 3 flight and 1hour drive) with crazy kids but definitely worth it.I am looking forward to hang out with my sister and friends.And I love that all the neighbors treat my kids like their own grand kids.
Can't wait!!!


Friday, March 6, 2009

アメリパンキッズ Ameripan Kids


Emma started going to Preschool.But it is Japanese one.They teach not only Japanese but also teach Japanese culture,songs,sometimes they can get to join local festival as a group.
I heard this year they gonna do some performance for Global village Festival.All kids will be in traditional costume and maybe dance?I am so excited.I can't wait to see it.
Anyway every Wednesday for 3hrs.I know it is not a lot.But Better than nothing.


This is Emma's teacher Megumi-sensei.She is so sweet and kind.She plays piano so good and once her piano starts, kids get so excited and start dancing.


As soon as kids got in the class room,they take own hand towel out from backpack and hang it on own place in the bathroom.Emma thought having own place is cool.
The lady who is helping Emma is this school's owner,Yuko-sensei.Actually she is from Hiroshima too and her mom and my mom came to Arizona together last year.


They cerebrated The Girls Day.Emma had no idea what she was doing.


Wow,her teacher told me Emma did so good.I was little worried that she's not gonna do well in the totally different language and never seen people before.
She learned first her letter."し" I wish I could show you how she wrote it.It was pretty good.
And they baked raisin roll and there is the roll in the little bag to take home.



She was so proud of herself that she did it all by herself and she really enjoyed.
I am so happy that my daughter is learning something I learned when I was kid and I can share the joy and I can help too.
(I was upset I had to look up dictionary when I was helping Hana's homework.I am talking about kindergarten...)
Anyway hopefully both of my kids would understand where their mother come from,how did she grow up,what is so cool about her country.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I will do it!!!

Just now Garrod came and told me that he left a little hint for me.I was excited!What ???? He has surprise for me????? So I went to kichen to find that out.And I found this!!!!

He bought this shirt year ago.I think.... It was long sleeves and I did not like it.I thought he never gonna wear long sleeves.So I cut the sleeves off.And that's it.I didn't even hem or anything.So this shirt have been in the laundry room forever.
Fine Garrod.I get it. I will fix it.Size 4XL shirt is not easy to fix!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Camp Randall


o.k it is in English.Hew... Anyway I threw Hana's birthday party here again since we couldn't invite her friends at New Mexico.
This economy,I did not want to spend money at all.What we can do under $50.
How about camp at our back yard!Hana liked the idea too.So We invited her 6 good friends.

It is called Camp Randall!!! Emma & her friend Jack helped me to pick branches and we made this sign together.

Stupid me.I forgot to take picture of own daughter.So this is Elle.
All of the girls received a bandanna,dog tag necklace,T-shirt,first aid kit,and flashlight.
Girls designed own t-shirt and iron printed.This project turned out so fun and very cute!

They loved spending time in the tent! They played twister.


I love my backyard.I can do whatever I want.See the target mark on the wall (very bottom)?
This is for the game they played.

I had 4small wheels when I took old lawn mower apart.I thought it would be fun to use for game.
Simple game.Roll wheel to the wall and if you hit the target you can get a prize.
It was simple enough to play for little one too.

今回のCAMP RANDALLのメンバーたち。上は11歳から下は3歳まで。この縦の関係がすごくよかったです。喧嘩もなく、下は上を敬い、上はしたをケアするすっごくいい時間が過ごせたんじゃないかなあ。
Members of Camp Randall. Oldest kid was 11yrs old and youngest (Emma) was 3.
I was worried about girls gonna fight.But this age gap worked so well.Older kids took care of little one and younger kids obeyed big kids.I loved this respecting they learned during camp.

Birthday cake.It was huge... I didn't mean to make the big one.I used 12inch cake pan and that was mistake... I didn't think its gonna be this big.Each girl had huge piece of cake.But they sure enjoyed it!
Third birthday wish.Never get sick of that.

It is time to roast marshmallow.I know I just fed them huge pies of cake.But we can't camp without marshmallow,right?

It is Elle,of course.She is just funny girl.It was about 9p.m??? She came to me with tear in her eyes."I miss mommy..." So she called her mom and told her good night.I guess she was little nervous sleeping outside.She has to come over and spend the night more often!!
Himawari.Hana received stepping stones kit and pretty socks from her .You know those cute printed socks are quite pricey,My kid's scoks are all white boring one.They were really cute and it's got kanji(chinese character) too.Himawari told me "Kyoko-san,when we found these socks,my mom said ummm,They are expensive aren't they..But it is for Hana.we're buying them."
So funny and I appreciate our friendship.Thank you himachan and Ritsuko!


Alisia.She couldn't spend the night cause of her allergy.She was so upset and so was Hana.
Hana got Hannah Montana's digital camera from her and this tiny cameraworks good and she loves it.Hana took bunch of pics in the tent,took it to everywhere.Now she is ready to look how those pictures turned out... Wait! I can't find software came with camera...I hope I didn't throw away with other trash.I was crossing my finger. Hana told me she didn't take it out from package and I remember I threw that away. Crap.Garbage track came already... Sorry I will go to
walmart tomorrow and get same stuff. And borrow the software,take it back.I love America's return policy.Shh....


Britteny.She lives next door.It has been fun to have her.She is the one talked all night and talking about you know BOYS!!!!!
GIRL...... Too YOUNG!

Amy.She was the oldest in the camp.She helped me so much and I didn't know what to do without her.Amazing girl.She is bilingual.She speaks perfect Japanese and English.It was fun to watch she uses properly.

Amy's little sister Julia.It was her first sleep over.Her mom was little nervous too.
It was middle of the night,I was sleeping on the couch(so I can hear in case something happened)
I heard Julia was crying.I thought I need to call her mom to come get her.I went to the tent to check on her.I asked her"Do you want to go home?"She shook her head and said no.She wanted go to the bath room but too scared to go by herself.She tried to wake her sister up but she didn't wake up.
Poor girl.So I took her to the bathroom and I asked her again."Do you want me to call your mom?"She said no again.I am surprised.She is very mommy's girl and I never seen her like that.
She snuggled with me little bit and went back to tent.I guess I was the mother for her that night.
I felt little tickled inside.
Hana got this telescope from Julia.Actually I found it at CVS(It was $14.99) and asked her mom to buy it from me.I thought it would be fun to look stars with it.
Oh my gosh.Don't ever buy cheep telescope.Can't see anything.Amy tried to figure that out for hour but we gave up.Too bad! It was beautiful night though....

Finally they turned off the light.Kids under 7,they couldn't keep up no longer.
Older kids.They are preteen! Can't stop talking about boys.
Next morning some of the girls had to go to school(including Hana),I was gonna wake them up like 7:00 am. But it was 6:00a.m.I woke up with girl's screaming.
"It is feeeeeeezing!!!!"
They came inside and told me that they woke up 10 times at least beacause it was freezing.
Yeah,it was little chilly. Plus they couldn't unzip the door but they need to go pee so bad.
I can see the picuter of them were dancing and screaming in the tent.I wish I took picures of their face when they came in.Seriousely they were shevering.
Even they had freezing cold night all of the girls told me it was fun and want to do it again.
I am so glad to hear that.
I think I proved myself that I can still make fun party without spending money.
Most important thing was Hana loved it!
Thank you girls.It was so fun to have you all.Let's do the again.