Monday, April 20, 2009

Wanna get shaped?

I just want to share my personal workout program that my AWSOME friend Geneva made just for me with you!

(Every other day)
50 Body Squats
30 Bicep Curls 2set
20 Front kicks each leg
30 Tricep curls 2set
20 Leglift with weight behind leg each leg
10 push ups (NO KNEES!)
30 Calf raises
30 slow side leg lifts
25 body squats with weight or body bar

Now Abs!
( Everyday) Time 30seconds for each exercise
Side reaches (no head touch)
Toe touches
Ceiling stomp
Right elbow to knee
Left elbow to knee
Pike to toes with medcine ball
Hold push up position
1 minute regular crunch (belly button in,stare at ceiling)


And Run 30 minutes or 2.5mile

You are done!!!!!

It takes exactly 1hour if you don't talk to your friend while working out.
Carly and I have been working out with this program for a week and we love it!!!
Anyway just try it.It kicks your butt,but you will feel so much better.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Love or Hate...

Saturday morning, I was getting myself ready and helping my girls ready for school.(Hana goes to Japanese school every saturday).And I heard Garrod was calling me from outside.Kyoko come outside!!!! I said I am busy!!! What!!!!
And he was go You will be more busy.
Then I foud this!!!!
Somebody TPed our house!!!!

I still don't know who did it.But it was pretty bad... They used a lots of rolls of toiletpaper. Garrod poked bushes to take all the paper off the tree and I don't know how many rolls fell off from it.I was like umm...should I roll it up and use them???
Anyway Garrod was not happy.He told me to find out who did it.I asked one girl who might did it.but it was not her.Now I am confused.Somebody hates us?
I thought they did it because they love us.
If anybody know who did this,let me know.Their water will get shut off.
just kidding.

spring break

My couple of friends and I were planing to take our kids to ice skating during spring break for long time.So here we are.Place is called POLAR SKATING or Polar Ice skating something like that.It is on greenfield and Ray.

Before skating,we hit sweet and tomato.,
From left,Best friend Elle,Darya,Alicia and Hana.Darya 2nd from left,this girl was amazing.
She is taking pesonal iceskating lesson and she is really good.
First time skating for Hana.She didn't let wall go for a while.She was barely able to stand uo on the ice.

I think after she laped for several times she finally stood up herself.

Elle and Hana
Hana was sicking tired of falling off from her bottom.

on the way home.She was gone!
They had a so much fun and discvered them self,they can skate!!!
But this is not the end.Hana got sick in the night.Had fever,cough...
She stayed in bed f0r 3days after that Emma got sick from Hana and sick for 3days and after that I got sick and mine's worst.So we just stayed home wh0le time during spring break.Oh well,at least they got to do fun stuff on 1stday of the break.

B-DAY Gift from Hana

Wow,it has been too long since I updated my blog last time.Well,back on the track.
I been trying to upload all my pictures into my computer but usbcable wasn't working right.Finally I went to bestbuy and bought a card reader to solve the problem.I am not computer person... Took me a month to figure that out.Yeah call me dummy.
Anyway these pictures are about month ago on my 38th birthday.Hoo hoo 2more years to go till BIG40.....
Hana came to my bed and told me Happy Birthday.She said I want to do something to you but no money.So she decided to do the laundry for me.
How sweet !
Since we have open front door type it is pretty easy for kids to do too.I was so happy the little hana is able to do a lot of things and help me.
I think it was happiest moment of the day.
Thank you Hana.