Sunday, April 19, 2009

Love or Hate...

Saturday morning, I was getting myself ready and helping my girls ready for school.(Hana goes to Japanese school every saturday).And I heard Garrod was calling me from outside.Kyoko come outside!!!! I said I am busy!!! What!!!!
And he was go You will be more busy.
Then I foud this!!!!
Somebody TPed our house!!!!

I still don't know who did it.But it was pretty bad... They used a lots of rolls of toiletpaper. Garrod poked bushes to take all the paper off the tree and I don't know how many rolls fell off from it.I was like umm...should I roll it up and use them???
Anyway Garrod was not happy.He told me to find out who did it.I asked one girl who might did it.but it was not her.Now I am confused.Somebody hates us?
I thought they did it because they love us.
If anybody know who did this,let me know.Their water will get shut off.
just kidding.


Rachel said...

just so you know...when this happens it means that people LOVE you....I am sure it was some youth that love you and wanted you to know! I do have tips from getting it out of trees if you need to know! You guys are good sports! I always make my kids clean it up!