Sunday, April 19, 2009

spring break

My couple of friends and I were planing to take our kids to ice skating during spring break for long time.So here we are.Place is called POLAR SKATING or Polar Ice skating something like that.It is on greenfield and Ray.

Before skating,we hit sweet and tomato.,
From left,Best friend Elle,Darya,Alicia and Hana.Darya 2nd from left,this girl was amazing.
She is taking pesonal iceskating lesson and she is really good.
First time skating for Hana.She didn't let wall go for a while.She was barely able to stand uo on the ice.

I think after she laped for several times she finally stood up herself.

Elle and Hana
Hana was sicking tired of falling off from her bottom.

on the way home.She was gone!
They had a so much fun and discvered them self,they can skate!!!
But this is not the end.Hana got sick in the night.Had fever,cough...
She stayed in bed f0r 3days after that Emma got sick from Hana and sick for 3days and after that I got sick and mine's worst.So we just stayed home wh0le time during spring break.Oh well,at least they got to do fun stuff on 1stday of the break.