Sunday, June 28, 2009

Went to Beach

One rainy day,kids wanted to go to beach.... ummmm,well... there was nothing to do anyway.
Let's go!!!

Here is kuba harbor.

They found huge pile of sea shells.They are used for raising oysters.

Jelly fish.

Takes only 5minutes to get to the beach.I never felt it is so special having beach so close to house when I was kids,but for my kids it is such a big thing.It was funny watching that girls get excited every time they see something they never seen.Like watching crab is crossing street,dead jelly fish,seashell is everywhere...I hope they remember this forever!

Emma's school "Chion Hoikuen"

Ones a year,They open school and show parents that what kids doing at school.
So,I went to check it out.
Here is Emma's Class.Pretty tiny.But it is o.k.There are only 7kids in her class.

She is in class CThis is her teacher.

Look at orange pants she is wearing.They change to this pants when they get to school.
I wore that.And so did Hana.

I impressed that Emma was cleaning up all by herself.

After they played ,they showed the performance that they have been practicing.
It was singing English song.Emma's class,they sang "BINGO"
They are so smart....They even have English teacher come to school and learn English...

This is all of the students of the school.
I am so glad that my kids had opportunity to be able to go to this school.
They don't really teach alphabet but kids learn how to be a kid.
8:30a.m to 4p.m it is long day for Emma.But she loves playing outside covered with mud everyday.And you can see Emma is getting more independent.
I am so proud of you Emma!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

New friends

Haruki(He just turned 5) and Hana

From left Ayumu(Haruki's brother),Hana,Haruki and Emma
They ride bike together after school.
Ayumu is 7years old also.He and Hana goes to same school.

Super old playground...It has been called "Rocket Gym"

Look at this.I told you it is so OLD!!!
I was little nervous to have kids play with that....
Well,there is only this park that kids can play.I used to come here with my friends and created a lots of memories.So at least this rocket gym is 30years old.Never been fixed...
I am so glad that there is a young family lives on the same street.They moved into their new house 2 years ago.Before the family came,Hana didn't have anybody to play with.But she was getting all the attentions from old people though...

My nephew Yuuich

with grandma and their cousin Yuuichi
Finally we got to meet my nephew.He is 15years old and I never seen such a busy high school student.His schedule is like this.
6a.m Leave his house.Takes 1hour and half to get to school.
7:30 succor practice starts
8:30-3:3o school
Till 7p.m Succor practice again.
8:3o Come home Shower and eat dinner
9 to 11p.m Juku (it is kind a second school.Most kids goes to there to get ready to pass the exam to get in the collage.
11:30 Come home and go to bed.
I thought I was pretty busy when I was in the high school.But holly cow,this kid has no time to do anything.Reason why I was able to see him,because he was sick for a week and that was the weekend he was ready to go back to school.
I am sure not all the students like him.But this schedule is killer.But he never
complain.I would!!!!
I don't think I can raise kids here.So stressful. My sister told me she gets up 5a.m and make his lunch and breakfast.I guess you can't feed cereal for B.F...
Good luck yuuich.I wish he could come see us someday,but it will be awhile....

Hana goes to Kuba Elementary School

After she stayed home for 10days(cause of stupid swine flu),Finally she started to go to school.
The school has got really small compare to the size when I was there.There are only 13kids in her class(7girls and 6boys) which is good for Hana.

This is the school backpack all the kids have.We got it from my moms friend whose daughter no longer need it.This backpack self is so heavy plus textbooks,water bottle,shoes etc...
But she never complain... She said she really likes school over here.Especially lunch is great!
I wonder they still feed whale meat... It was my favorite when I was kid.

This is her school.Hasn't changed at all since 30years ago.I took picture of Hana and her friend Nana.They went to kinder together.

Hana is doing great school.She is doing exact same thing as other kids.
Her Japanese has came back already.According to her class mates,she is speaking Japanese fine at school.Took only 1 week.Amazing.

It is getting hot over here too.Hana is so excited because Swimming class will starts soon at school.Class teacher teaches all the kids of her class during summer.It will be interesting.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

1st day of Emma's preschool

Emma's preschool started last Monday.She was so excited and little nervous...

She goes to school 8:30a.m to 4:00 p.m. everyday.I am not sure what exactly she is doing,but She is definitely having fun with her new friends.

They take their shoes off and put them away by them self.

This is the way to go to her school.Takes only seconds to get there.Oh yeah,it is our neighborhood.

This is the school.It is Buddhist temple.I went to this school when I was her age.
She finished 1st week.She did awesome.Her Japanese hasn't came yet,but he started singing Japanese nursery songs.Pretty good huh?
She misses her home,jigen and her daddy...

Monday, June 8, 2009

summer in japan

How are you doing America?We are doing good.It has been a week since we got here.Weather is ummm,chilly in the morning and it gets warm in the afternoon.It is going to be rainy season soon,so never get sun.Girls are doing good.They miss their dad and jigen.But we have been doing something everyday,they never get board.

Here is my girls finally fell asleep in the airplane.We had pretty good seats has room around seats.All the seats got own mini t.v screen that you can watch movies,play games,listen your favorite music.I watch the "twilight".
Even though there is TV it was long flight for little Emma.But she was very good.She didn't get fussy at all.This is the worst part.I had to wake them up and carry Emma with luggage..

This is in the train.Since my parents got rid of their car,we take train to go everywhere.They love it.

This is my town.Can you see it?

This is the train station of my town.I used to use this station everyday.Train comes every 10minutes on time.It is nice.

Fish fish fish!!!! Almost everyday we have fish for dinner.Always somebody bring some fishes for us.They want us to enjoy flesh best quality fish in the world.Girls??? Hana freaked out when she saw eyeball.I don't blame her.
Well,swine flu thing has settled down,but still there.Hana caught a cold and I had to called 3 places to find Dr who accept her.She had a exam and it was negative.If it was not,we would be on the t.v.The Dr and nurses had to take 10 days off from work cause they were in the same room with us.I am so glad that it was negative.It would be mess.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Good bye Jigen

Our family's dog Jigen passed away yesterday... He started getting sick again a week before we left to japan.I knew he is not goona make it for long but it was too soon.
Garrod said he seemed like he was waiting for Garrod to wake up,and say good bye.I couldn't say good bye again.We had another dog named pepper.She also died right after Hana and I left to Japan.It sucks for Garrod.He is lonely enough while we are gone.Now he lost his company.
We loved him very much.He was part of our family.We miss you jigen.