Sunday, June 28, 2009

Emma's school "Chion Hoikuen"

Ones a year,They open school and show parents that what kids doing at school.
So,I went to check it out.
Here is Emma's Class.Pretty tiny.But it is o.k.There are only 7kids in her class.

She is in class CThis is her teacher.

Look at orange pants she is wearing.They change to this pants when they get to school.
I wore that.And so did Hana.

I impressed that Emma was cleaning up all by herself.

After they played ,they showed the performance that they have been practicing.
It was singing English song.Emma's class,they sang "BINGO"
They are so smart....They even have English teacher come to school and learn English...

This is all of the students of the school.
I am so glad that my kids had opportunity to be able to go to this school.
They don't really teach alphabet but kids learn how to be a kid.
8:30a.m to 4p.m it is long day for Emma.But she loves playing outside covered with mud everyday.And you can see Emma is getting more independent.
I am so proud of you Emma!!!


hcrjfrandall said...

Emma is getting so big! She's so cute!