Friday, June 19, 2009

Hana goes to Kuba Elementary School

After she stayed home for 10days(cause of stupid swine flu),Finally she started to go to school.
The school has got really small compare to the size when I was there.There are only 13kids in her class(7girls and 6boys) which is good for Hana.

This is the school backpack all the kids have.We got it from my moms friend whose daughter no longer need it.This backpack self is so heavy plus textbooks,water bottle,shoes etc...
But she never complain... She said she really likes school over here.Especially lunch is great!
I wonder they still feed whale meat... It was my favorite when I was kid.

This is her school.Hasn't changed at all since 30years ago.I took picture of Hana and her friend Nana.They went to kinder together.

Hana is doing great school.She is doing exact same thing as other kids.
Her Japanese has came back already.According to her class mates,she is speaking Japanese fine at school.Took only 1 week.Amazing.

It is getting hot over here too.Hana is so excited because Swimming class will starts soon at school.Class teacher teaches all the kids of her class during summer.It will be interesting.