Friday, June 19, 2009

My nephew Yuuich

with grandma and their cousin Yuuichi
Finally we got to meet my nephew.He is 15years old and I never seen such a busy high school student.His schedule is like this.
6a.m Leave his house.Takes 1hour and half to get to school.
7:30 succor practice starts
8:30-3:3o school
Till 7p.m Succor practice again.
8:3o Come home Shower and eat dinner
9 to 11p.m Juku (it is kind a second school.Most kids goes to there to get ready to pass the exam to get in the collage.
11:30 Come home and go to bed.
I thought I was pretty busy when I was in the high school.But holly cow,this kid has no time to do anything.Reason why I was able to see him,because he was sick for a week and that was the weekend he was ready to go back to school.
I am sure not all the students like him.But this schedule is killer.But he never
complain.I would!!!!
I don't think I can raise kids here.So stressful. My sister told me she gets up 5a.m and make his lunch and breakfast.I guess you can't feed cereal for B.F...
Good luck yuuich.I wish he could come see us someday,but it will be awhile....