Monday, June 8, 2009

summer in japan

How are you doing America?We are doing good.It has been a week since we got here.Weather is ummm,chilly in the morning and it gets warm in the afternoon.It is going to be rainy season soon,so never get sun.Girls are doing good.They miss their dad and jigen.But we have been doing something everyday,they never get board.

Here is my girls finally fell asleep in the airplane.We had pretty good seats has room around seats.All the seats got own mini t.v screen that you can watch movies,play games,listen your favorite music.I watch the "twilight".
Even though there is TV it was long flight for little Emma.But she was very good.She didn't get fussy at all.This is the worst part.I had to wake them up and carry Emma with luggage..

This is in the train.Since my parents got rid of their car,we take train to go everywhere.They love it.

This is my town.Can you see it?

This is the train station of my town.I used to use this station everyday.Train comes every 10minutes on time.It is nice.

Fish fish fish!!!! Almost everyday we have fish for dinner.Always somebody bring some fishes for us.They want us to enjoy flesh best quality fish in the world.Girls??? Hana freaked out when she saw eyeball.I don't blame her.
Well,swine flu thing has settled down,but still there.Hana caught a cold and I had to called 3 places to find Dr who accept her.She had a exam and it was negative.If it was not,we would be on the t.v.The Dr and nurses had to take 10 days off from work cause they were in the same room with us.I am so glad that it was negative.It would be mess.


The one and only said...

Hi Kyoko... (it's Michelle) We miss you so much!! I love the pic of your girls sleeping on the plane... so peaceful. It's like the calm before the storm!

Keep up with the blog posts - I want to see everything you're doing so I can feel like I am in Japan with you (I wish!!).

our family blog is

love ya!!

Kevin & Melissa Williams said...

Sounds like you guys are crazy busy. That's good. Well I am going private send me an email if you want access to my blog at


Tueller Family said...

Looks like you and the girls are having fun.