Sunday, July 19, 2009

4more days

Wow,its been already 7weeks since we got here.
Kids had a lot of good experience over here.Both girls finished school without any absence.
Hana made a lots of friends at school and last day of school,all her class mates wrote letter for her.Hana really enjoyed the school.Her Japanese is great.Thanks to her teacher and friends she has no longer problems talking to people here.
So is Emma.She even translates for my mom.I am so proud of them.
I feel little bad that they didn't have summer break,but I think it is o.k to have a summer that just studied.

I just talked to Garrod.He was so excited us to come home.4more days.Started packing today.Oh my gosh too much stuff...
Usually I can get help from airline company at airport.They help me picking up all the luggage and carry for me.But when I called them to ask to get family support,they told me that they are not sure they can help us this time because too many people already asked. Shoot!!! If I don't get any help,I would be so dead.Kids...They better be super well behaved.otherwise I might kill them.

Wish me luck and see you soon.


Anonymous said...

Good luck! See you when you get home!