Monday, September 28, 2009

Letter for Santa

I know! It is way too early to write a letter to Santa,but Hana couldn't wait.
I am gonna share what she wrote.

Dear Santa
I hope you will fly carflea(carefully) from the north pol(pole) to hear(here).
And I will like a Hanna Montana Barbie doll with clothes please.

This letter reminds me that Hana is still 2nd grades.Her attitude is already teenager though...

Chuck E Cheeses

We had Emma's B-day party at Chuck E Cheeses.
It was Emma's request and I am o.k with it.
We invited Jack.Of course!

Her youngest cousin Preston,

And his sister Kali.

Dance Dance Dance...

With Chucky!

Julia.We went to Japan together!

Class mates from Japanese preschool.
Candy and Alex

Emma's chick friends
Emily and Tatum

Make a Wish!!

Disney princesses cake from Safeway...

Why 2cakes????
Our selfishness caused it.
Garrod hates whipped cream topping.Has to be butter frosting.
I should ordered regular cake from beginning.... Stupid!
She received a lots of presents from her friends.She was very excited opening presents .
After we came home from Party, Guess who was playing with those toys.
It was Hana.Of course...
Emma's stuff is Hana's but Emma is not allowed to touch Hana's stuff.
But still Emma was happy to share her new toys with her sister.

Throwing party at party place was way to go.
It was so nice that I didn't have to clean at all.
Well usually my friend Carly cleans up after party,and she still tried to clean up st chuck E Cheeses.It was funny.
Anyway thank you for coming to Emma's party and it was fun!!!

Emma's 4th Birthday

Our little Emma turned big 4.I can't believe she is preschooler now.She has been always easy baby to me and her character just makes me laugh all the time.She still likes rubbing my ear and when she tired it speeds up.I am not sure when she is gonna stop rubbing me.It is quite annoying...
She is very thoughtful girl.She is always talking about somebody she misses.Her friends,her grandpa and grandma,her aunt and our dog Jigen.Nobody talks about Jigen anymore but Emma.
She believes Jigen at church hiding somewhere.Cause I told her that Jigen is with Heavenly Father.
She had been counting on this day since last her birthday.
Everyday she checked my calendar on the fridge and kept page on September....
I had plan for her big day.I was gonna make princess cake which she was begging for a year,and having nice homemade yummy dinner with family.
Well,unfortunately it didn't happen.I was sick all day the day.
But this boy Jack (Jack and Emma go to preschool together),he made Emma's day for me.
After picked them up from preschool,we went to MacDonald to cerebrate Emma's birthday.
You can see in these pictures,there were no kids at all... It was kind a lame but,still they had a fun!!!! Emma was very happy to be with her friend Jack on her birthday.
She received barbie bath toy(it is like aqua doodle) from him.She really liked it.
I am wishing that Emma will continue being a kind and funny girl.
We love you.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Classic show

My kids loves this old classic show "THE MUNSTERS" so much.
Garrod used to watch this show with his dad when he was little,and now he is passing on to his daughters and they are enjoying it.It is pretty funny stuff.American Classic is awesome.

My new Toy

Finally my old cheep vacuum died.YES!!!! And we got this famous vacuum Dyson at BEST BUY!
I absolutely love it.It worth every single penny.
You have no idea how much I was disgusted by old vacuum after I saw how much new vacuum picked old dirt from carpet.It was nasty.It has been 3months since our dog died.And off course I vacuumed almost everyday.But still this vacuum picked jigen's hair.
This is my Christmas present AND birthday present from GARROD.Thanks Garrod.
I promise I will do better job.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Emma's first day of Preschool

Emma and Miss Kerry
Emma's new Back pack from Walmart special

Oh my gosh...My little Emma is Preschooler now.Her school started right after Labors day.She wasn't sure going to school was fun for her.But once she met This amazing teacher Miss Kerry Parker,her doubt was cleared.
She has been teaching for long time.I mean 18years long.She taught Hana for 2years,Hana's grades been awesome because of her.
After Emma came back from school,I asked bunch of questions to try to get any information.
But I got nothing.So I don't know what exactly what she did at school,all I can say was she had a good time with new friends and teacher.
Now there is no kids in the morning.Kinda little lonely.I guess it is time to get house organized .

Our Labor's day

Since all my family members have been suffering because of my pregnancy(well,I have been doing nothing but sleeping),we decided to do something fun with kids.
So,First thing in the morning checked Bounce U MESA website & got all the information from it.
And I called them to make reservation.Luckily We could get in at 3p.m.
Kids worked really hard cleaning their rooms so they can get to play at Bounce U.
Now it is time to go.They were extremely exciting.Drove 10minutes.Here we are.But there were something wrong.They closed the place for GOOD.I couldn't believe it.Who did I talked to????
I was MAD!!!! Nobody can't mess with me especially now!
We went home once checked phone# again.It was right number.... I called again.
They said "Bounce U Gilbert,How can I help you?" What??????
They screwed me up.Now it is too late to go there.Kids were very disappointed.I was disappointed.
What do we do now.... Getting hungry.Oh, Chick fil-A!!! There is something kids can play and if you wear SPORT shirt,you get free chicken sandwich.Must go.I told Garrod wear Sport shirt you get free food.But Garrod was like it is no worth to wear stupid shirt like that. ?????????
Huh? I don't get it... Anyway we got there,there were quite bit people in SPORT shirt.
Garrod asked me "why people wearing sport shirt?" I was like .... "I told you to wear SPORT shirt to get free food" Garrod "No you said SPOTTED shirt!!!"
Here is misunderstanding again..... He thought he has to dress like a cow.I wouldn't let you do that Garrod...
But this Chick fil- A thing turned out really fun for kids.
There was lady doing face painting for free.This lady is good.It is not like kids draw.Kids waited maybe 10,15minutes in line.But it worth it.they loved it.
And also,there were old guy doing balloon for free too.What a fun!!!!
I guess Every Monday night between 5:30-7:30 kids can eat free and those fun stuff kids can also get for free.Good deal.
I am sharing with you all cause I love you!!
Anyway it was fun??? Labor's day.