Monday, September 28, 2009

Chuck E Cheeses

We had Emma's B-day party at Chuck E Cheeses.
It was Emma's request and I am o.k with it.
We invited Jack.Of course!

Her youngest cousin Preston,

And his sister Kali.

Dance Dance Dance...

With Chucky!

Julia.We went to Japan together!

Class mates from Japanese preschool.
Candy and Alex

Emma's chick friends
Emily and Tatum

Make a Wish!!

Disney princesses cake from Safeway...

Why 2cakes????
Our selfishness caused it.
Garrod hates whipped cream topping.Has to be butter frosting.
I should ordered regular cake from beginning.... Stupid!
She received a lots of presents from her friends.She was very excited opening presents .
After we came home from Party, Guess who was playing with those toys.
It was Hana.Of course...
Emma's stuff is Hana's but Emma is not allowed to touch Hana's stuff.
But still Emma was happy to share her new toys with her sister.

Throwing party at party place was way to go.
It was so nice that I didn't have to clean at all.
Well usually my friend Carly cleans up after party,and she still tried to clean up st chuck E Cheeses.It was funny.
Anyway thank you for coming to Emma's party and it was fun!!!