Monday, September 28, 2009

Emma's 4th Birthday

Our little Emma turned big 4.I can't believe she is preschooler now.She has been always easy baby to me and her character just makes me laugh all the time.She still likes rubbing my ear and when she tired it speeds up.I am not sure when she is gonna stop rubbing me.It is quite annoying...
She is very thoughtful girl.She is always talking about somebody she misses.Her friends,her grandpa and grandma,her aunt and our dog Jigen.Nobody talks about Jigen anymore but Emma.
She believes Jigen at church hiding somewhere.Cause I told her that Jigen is with Heavenly Father.
She had been counting on this day since last her birthday.
Everyday she checked my calendar on the fridge and kept page on September....
I had plan for her big day.I was gonna make princess cake which she was begging for a year,and having nice homemade yummy dinner with family.
Well,unfortunately it didn't happen.I was sick all day the day.
But this boy Jack (Jack and Emma go to preschool together),he made Emma's day for me.
After picked them up from preschool,we went to MacDonald to cerebrate Emma's birthday.
You can see in these pictures,there were no kids at all... It was kind a lame but,still they had a fun!!!! Emma was very happy to be with her friend Jack on her birthday.
She received barbie bath toy(it is like aqua doodle) from him.She really liked it.
I am wishing that Emma will continue being a kind and funny girl.
We love you.